Miniatur einer Kopfdichtung für VW 2,5 TDI (EA188) - DisagrEE - keychain - Schlüsselanhänger
Miniatur einer Kopfdichtung für VW 2,5 TDI (EA188) - DisagrEE - keychain - Schlüsselanhänger
Miniatur einer Kopfdichtung für VW 2,5 TDI (EA188) - DisagrEE - keychain - Schlüsselanhänger

Miniature of a Head Gasket for VW 2,5 TDI (EA188)

  • Detailed replica of the real head gasket
  • Absolute conversation starter
  • Safe bet as a gift for the petrolhead in your life
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  • Will be dispatched within 24 hours.
  • 100(!) days right of return
  • Brushed finish, looks and feels great
  • Elaborately processed - absolutely no sharp edges
  • Made in Germany from V2A stainless steel
  • Size: 0.2*2.5*7.8cm

VW R5 TDI engine (EA 188) - power, performance and legendary reliability!

Hey you, TDI enthusiast! Let's dive into the exciting history of the VW R5 TDI engine together. This powerhouse has not only conquered the streets, but also deserves a place on your keychain as a stainless steel keychain with a brushed finish in the shape of the cylinder head gasket.

The engine is a true milestone in engine technology. With its five cylinders and a turbocharger, it offers an impressive range of performance. From 110 hp to 174 hp, this engine was available in different model variants. The years of manufacture of this legendary engine span from 1997 to 2010 and during that time it has delighted numerous motorists.

Of course, it is inevitable to talk about the most well-known problems of the R5 TDI engine. Aside from the head gasket problems that can sometimes occur, there were other challenges this engine faced. Some drivers report problems with the injection system or the turbocharger. But despite these little quirks, the R5 TDI engine has a firm place in the hearts of VW fans.

Our stainless steel key fob pays homage to the legend of the R5 TDI engine from development order 188. With its brushed surface and the detailed design of the cylinder head gasket, it will be an eye-catcher on your bunch of keys. Whether you want to impress your friends or just want to show your passion for TDI engines, this keychain is an absolute must-have.

Please note that the offered key fobs, which are based on VAG engines, are not directly connected to Volkswagen, Audi or other VAG brands.

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100% made in Germany.

Head gaskets as keychains

  • Are designed with great attention to detail and are based on the original as closely as possible. We bring all the details into the product that are somehow possible given the size.
  • We manufacture them from the highest quality stainless steel with a thickness of 2mm right here in Germany.
  • Deburr all edges
  • And finally give them a perfect, brushed finish by hand.
  • The result is an absolutely unique accessory for everyone who loves combustion engines!

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Marc Engelhardt
Top! Super processed.

Very nice keychain. Well cut and edited. Only to recommend.