How quickly will I receive my order?

  • Very fast:) Depending on the time of your order, we sometimes ship on the same day and Deutsche Post is better than its reputation. So if you order from Germany: 1-3 working days. For orders from abroad, take a look here: Shipping information


What material are the keychains made of?

  • All of our keychains are made from very high quality, rust-proof stainless steel and are 2mm thick. This makes it sufficiently stable without really being a nuisance in your bag. All edges are rounded and the surface gets a smooth or brushed finish.


Can I also buy your products on Amazon or eBay?

  • Of Course. However, you pay more because of the marketplace fees and we cannot respond as flexibly to your requests or questions.


Can't you also make the logo for car brand xy?

  • We could:) But we won't. Firstly for trademark reasons and secondly because it's not cool to do so.


Why don't I just buy the head gasket keychain from T*mu for €2?

  • If you just want a cheap keychain in the look of a random head gasket, go on, we can´t compete with the price. If you want it as an exact replica of the one in your very own engine, if you value quality, originality and passion: then the question probably doesn't arise :)