Behind the

The first step is the

CAD model

After deciding which of the many great engines out there we want to design a keychain for, we need to create a CAD model for later manufacturing. This can take half a day to a full day, because we want your keychain to represent your engine as accurately as possible!


laser cutting

of the stainless steel blanks is the only part of the process that we don't do ourselves (unfortunately we don't have the €200,000 for a corresponding machine yet). But this step also happens at a service provider near us in Germany. Not cheap, but quality is simply our top priority!



that we get from there are still quite rough, so... our own

vibratory finishing system

they are deburred for at least 8 hours (depending on the model), so that they not only look good in the end, but also feel very high-quality when you later hold them in your hand.


some Magic!

the penultimate and probably most important step remains our company secret, because it ultimately makes our product incomparable.

Just this much: the production of the brushed surface is done entirely by hand here with us!

It was a long journey to get the combination of a nice feel with rounded edges and a brushed surface reproducibly and it's still a lot of work for each individual pendant, but it's worth it!


icing on the cake

we add our logo to the head gaskets using a modern fiber laser. So that you remember where you got this eye-catcher from if you are asked. But also because it just looks awesome!

what you then

hold in your hands

is an absolutely unique accessory made in Germany, which suits you and your engine perfectly and shows that you love technology and engines and are not satisfied with boring mainstream stuff.

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