Behind the

The first step is the

CAD model

After deciding which of the many great engines out there we want to design a keychain for, we need to create a CAD model for later manufacturing. This can take half a day to a full day, because we want your keychain to represent your engine as accurately as possible!


laser cutting

of the stainless steel blanks is the only part of the process that we don't do ourselves (unfortunately we don't have the €200,000 for a corresponding machine yet). But this step also happens at a service provider near us in Germany. Not cheap, but quality is simply our top priority!



that we get from there are still quite rough, so... our own

vibratory finishing system

they are deburred for at least 8 hours (depending on the model), so that they not only look good in the end, but also feel very high-quality when you later hold them in your hand.


some Magic!

the penultimate and probably most important step remains our company secret, because it ultimately makes our product incomparable.

Just this much: the production of the brushed surface is done entirely by hand here with us!

It was a long journey to get the combination of a nice feel with rounded edges and a brushed surface reproducibly and it's still a lot of work for each individual pendant, but it's worth it!


icing on the cake

we add our logo to the head gaskets using a modern fiber laser. So that you remember where you got this eye-catcher from if you are asked. But also because it just looks awesome!

what you then

hold in your hands

is an absolutely unique accessory made in Germany, which suits you and your engine perfectly and shows that you love technology and engines and are not satisfied with boring mainstream stuff.

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Based on 683 reviews
v10 keychain

When I saw the link on a Viper page on FB, I felt that I must have one, fun idea' and good quality

Top quality, great feel and look!

Absolutely great accessory for your M57 key, recommended!!!

Excellent keychain

Perfect for my Volvo's key. Nice finish, no sharp edges and it doesn't damage the key. Lightweight and durable material. Shipping was fast and everything went smoothly. Highly recimmend these keychains. I will keep this one as token even after my car some day breaks down and can't be repaired.


The Prize is a Bit to high 😧

Sehr gut

Sehr schön verarbeitet und schnelle Lieferung
Top! 👌

Great little addition

I recently picked up a 1930 Model A with a Ford Flathead in it. This cool keychain is a neat addition to it. It’s kind of an ‘inside car guy joke’ type of thing where if you know, you know! Very well made and super fast shipping from overseas.

Denis Maibaum
Mega Qualität

Qualität super, mega verarbeitet und die Oberfläche sieht auch bombastisch aus. Große Empfehlung für Autoliebhaber

M54 engine keychain

The quality of the keychain is really high, metal is rigid and doesnt have cheap feeling when holding it. Im definetely satisfied with my purchase and i recommend the product.

Great piece, must have

Well done and strong

Perfect keychain

I love the keychain it’s so cute and nerdy. I love showing it off to people.

Worth it.

Bought the VQ gaskets for my nephew and a CP2 gasket for myself. I was blown away by the craftsmanship and finish.

L28 Headgasket Keychain

Well machined and accurate head gasket design. Perfect addition to every Datsun S30 owners keychain.

Besten 20€ die ich je investiert habe.

Also ganz ehrlich. Ich hab echt gedacht das ist so ne Fake Seite die nen Scheis verkauft. Aber als es ankam und ich es in der Hand hielt war meine erste Reaktion: „oh wow okay“. Das ist auch meine erste Beurteilung die ich jemals schreibe. Also wer wirklich ein Traum Motor hat und ihn am Schlüssel dran haben will. Ruhig kaufen. Das Geld ist definitiv nicht verschwendet.

Not a scam, good quality.

I’m usually sceptical when I see stuffs like this on Facebook, but this one is legit, received my order within a week, and the product has good quality.

Sehr geiles Produkt für Leute die ihr Fahrzeug lieben!

Super Verarbeitung, blitzschneller Versand! Nichts auszusetzen. Klare 5 Sterne + klare Kaufempfehlung.

Coolest keyring ever!

Awesome little keyring, cool that its specific to my car.
I have it on my work van keys and its a great conversation starter for petrol heads, Go the mighty GTR!

Perfect and even better.

Bought it as a gift for a friend. Came in literally a couple of days (EU). When i recieved it i was sad that i dont own a M57 and wanted to keep it. Its not just a keychain, its art.


I really like this keychain!
Excellent quality , i will definitely order more.

High quality but one issue

Loved my boss 302 head gasket key chain but the the keychain ring was a little too small for my key/fob. Just used an old ring I had. Outstanding outside of that. Made a review video on youtube @nate marcy

Hey Nathan, thanks for the review and glad you like it!
We will send you a big keyring today:)

Nice Motorhead Gift

Delivered to Orlando in a couple weeks, these 2mm thick peices we're well packaged with a brushed finish.

One of the coolest keychains ever

Not only is it super detailed but it's pretty durable too. I can open bottles and cut open boxes with the convent corners

Brian Cardona
Excellent Product and Delivery

Really appreciate the excellent product and delivery.

The keychain is really clean and to detail. As the keychain is slim and is perfectly flat with the key, it is perfect to carry around in a jacket or trousers instead of the bulky keychains that are around which leaves you hanging with the keys in hand.

With regards to delivery nothing to complain about. Found it in my normal post.

I would recommend the product to anyone.

Jonas Prugger
Gute Qualität, zum guten Preis!

Die Überschrift sagt alles

Nicht schlecht Herr Specht

Schöne Qualität, och habe das bekommen was ich wollte,
Und die zwei Sachen waren gleich am nächsten Tag bei mir
Ein großes Lob an euch, Preis und Leistung echt Geil.