Petrolhead Jewelry


Stainless Steel.


Once again

(They really look that good)
Petrol in your Blood? (Diesel works as well)

show it to the world!

Let them know that you still like real engines and that you know what's going on under your hood!

Miniatur einer Kopfdichtung für BMW S54 DisagrEE
the perfect jewelry for petrolheads.

Head Gaskets.

What could represent an engine more simply and accurately?

Find your Engine

What our customers say (yes, real customers)

Every petrol head needs this

This keychain announces to the world that you’re a true petrol head!

James Jeffries

Great Quality ,

mega workmanship and the surface also looks bombastic. Great recommendation for car lovers

Denis Maibaum (originally in German)

The workmanship on this is amazing.

As a mechanic and owning nothing but Land Rovers for 40 years this key chain is 100% accurate in every detail. Postage was also very quick

Definitely worth it

Miniatur einer Kopfdichtung für Land Rover TD5 DisagrEE
Stephen Smith

Best €20 I've ever invested.

So honestly. I really thought: this is some kind of fake site that sells sh*t. But when it arrived and I held it in my hand, my first reaction was "oh wow okay". This is also my first review I've ever written. So if you really have a dream engine and want it on the key. Buy calmly. The money is definitely not wasted.

Henry Schmidt (original review in German)

Perfect keychain

I love the keychain, it's so cute and nerdy. I love showing it off to people.

Lance Jordan

Great little addition

I recently picked up a 1930 Model A with a Ford Flathead in it. This cool keychain is a neat addition to it. It's kind of an 'inside car guy joke' type of thing where if you know, you know! Very well made and super fast shipping from overseas.

Doug K

One of the coolest keychains ever

Not only is it super detailed but it's pretty durable too. I can open bottles and cut open boxes with the convent corners

Drake Hazen

Cool product!

The head gasket key ring/fob is really cool and of very good quality for such a small detailed piece.

Tracy May

M54 engine keychain

quality of the keychain is really high, metal is rigid and doesnt have
cheap feeling when holding it. Im definetely satisfied with my purchase
and i recommend the product.

Nikolay Shopov
For petrolheads.

Cars and Motorcycles

Over 200 of our key rings are related to cars and motorcycles (and are not head gaskets).

100% made in Germany.

Our keychains

 are designed with great attention to detail and, in the case of the head gaskets, are based on the original as closely as possible. We manufacture them from the highest quality stainless steel with a thickness of 2mm, deburr all edges and finally give them a perfect brushed finish. The result is an absolutely unique accessory for everyone that is still in love with combustion engines. 

All production steps take place in Germany without exception.