Miniatur einer Kopfdichtung für MB M160 (Smart 450) - DisagrEE - keychain - Schlüsselanhänger
Miniatur einer Kopfdichtung für MB M160 (Smart 450) - DisagrEE - keychain - Schlüsselanhänger

Miniature of a Head Gasket for MB M160 (Smart 450)

  • Detailed replica of the real head gasket
  • Absolute conversation starter
  • Safe bet as a gift for the petrolhead in your life
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  • Will be dispatched within 24 hours.
  • 100(!) days right of return
  • Brushed finish, looks and feels great
  • Elaborately processed - absolutely no sharp edges
  • Made in Germany from V2A stainless steel
  • Size: 0.2 x 5.9 x 2.9cm

"Small but dynamic: the engine of the Smart 450 in your hand"

Item Description: Are you the proud owner of a Smart 450 and enthusiastic about its dynamic petrol engine? Then we have the perfect keychain for you. Our exclusive stainless steel key fob in the shape of a cylinder head gasket has been specially developed for the Smart 450's compact but powerful petrol engine. With quality design and attention to detail, it's a must-have for any smart enthusiast.

The engine may be small, but it impresses with its agile handling. Whether with 0.6L, 0.7L or the sporty variant from Brabus, this engine ensures a lot of driving fun in your Smart. With its compact design and its efficiency, it is ideal for city traffic and masters every challenge effortlessly.

Our key fob made of high-quality stainless steel impresses with its brushed surface and the detailed replica of the cylinder head gasket. Every edge and detail has been carefully crafted to offer a unique wearing experience. With this accessory you can show your enthusiasm for the petrol engine of your Smart 450 and express your connection to this compact but dynamic engine.

Get this exclusive keychain now and always carry the dynamics of your Smart with you. Whether you prefer the 0.6L, 0.7L or the sporty Brabus engine, this keychain is an absolute must-have. Show your passion for small engines and amaze other car fans.

Get our unique head gasket key ring now and show your enthusiasm for the dynamics that are in this compact vehicle. This accessory is not only a practical companion for your keys, but also a symbol of the innovative power and driving pleasure of the Smart 450. Make your Smart an individual statement and draw admiring glances from other car fans.

Don't wait any longer and get our exclusive keychain now. A must have for any fan of this compact but dynamic engine and an asset to your personal automobilia collection!

*Note: This key fob is an unofficial replica of a cylinder head gasket and is not affiliated with Mercedes-Benz or its affiliates.

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100% made in Germany.

Head gaskets as keychains

  • Are designed with great attention to detail and are based on the original as closely as possible. We bring all the details into the product that are somehow possible given the size.
  • We manufacture them from the highest quality stainless steel with a thickness of 2mm right here in Germany.
  • Deburr all edges
  • And finally give them a perfect, brushed finish by hand.
  • The result is an absolutely unique accessory for everyone who loves combustion engines!

Customer Reviews

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Franz Fister
Kopfdichtung Smart 450

Tolles Teil
Geliefert wie Abgebildet!

Robert Owins
SMART Head Gasket

We have had a SMART Car for 14 years, my wife loves it and works on it herself because there are no service centers here. She LOVES the tiny gasket and has it on here keychain since I gave it to her!