About us

Since 2011

Stainless Steel. Brushed.

Our key fobs are designed with great attention to detail and, in case of the head gaskets, are based on the original as closely as possible. We manufacture them from the highest quality stainless steel with a thickness of 2mm, deburr all edges and finally give them a perfect, smooth or brushed finish. The result is an absolutely unique accessory for "petrolheads".

All production steps take place in Germany without exception.

Miniatur einer Kopfdichtung für VW VR6 - DisagrEE - keychain - Schlüsselanhänger
The beginnings


As early as 2011, while still studying automotive engineering, the idea of ​​creating unique accessories for car fans came up. All beginnings are difficult, as you can see.


From 2013 - 2017 the idea disappeared into the closet again. During an excursion as an engineer in a German DAX company.



In mid-2017 we dared to start again. New suppliers, new processes, new designs. With renewed enthusiasm, everything got a level better than before, maybe even 2. Slowly things got rolling. Increasing numbers and downright fantastic customer feedback have kept us motivated. A big thank you for that.

Big marketplaces

Or why you better buy here

You may have noticed that you can also get our products on the big marketplaces with "A" and "e".

If you buy them there, you will end up getting them from us in exactly the same way, with the difference that we have to offer them more expensively there because of the fees and we are less able to react quickly and flexibly to your requests or questions.

You are by no means in less good hands here on our site than there. Just that it's cheaper, faster and nicer ;)