Do you like old-school technology, real engines (in which you don't even put plugs to read the error memory), sound and the smell of petrol? It doesn't matter whether you are the proud owner of an engine design icon such as the legendary Ford Flathead V8, a Lancia Fulvia V4 or the Willys "Go-Devil" or you want to give the favorite car enthusiast in your life a real treat; our cylinder head gaskets as keychains are just right for you! Made in Germany from stainless steel and finished by hand, they attract interested looks everywhere! Let our reviews speak for themselves.

Miniature of a Head Gasket for Ford Flathead

Normal price$22.90
A marvel of engineering and an iconic engine of its time, the Ford "Flathead" V8 was first introduced in 1932 and shaped the history of the automotive industry. With its innovative design and a displacement increase to 3.6 liters in 1937, the "Flathead" delivered impressive performance for its era. This engine enabled inexpensive mass production and contributed to the democratization of motoring. With its rugged construction and reliability, the "Flathead" V8 gained worldwide acclaim and became the basis for many hot rods and custom cars. Today, nearly a century later, enthusiasts still passionately delight in the raw sound and performance of this legendary engine, representing an unforgettable era of automotive engineering.
Miniatur einer Kopfdichtung für Lancia V4 DisagrEE

Miniature of a head gasket for Lancia Fulvia V4

Normal price$22.90
Long before Volkswagen came up with the idea of ​​building a 6-cylinder engine transversely in a Golf, Lancia had already successfully implemented the idea of ​​a V engine with a very small cylinder angle and a single cylinder head gasket. This engine concept made its debut in 1922(!) in the Lancia Lambda and was used in a much more modern form in the Fulvia in the 1960s and early 1970s. As a 1.6 liter top model, this engine delivered up to 132 hp, which seemed almost unbelievable at the time.

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